Motivation to Change

Change can be hard! Motivation to change naturally ebbs and flows over time, but when most people get derailed from their plans, they blame themselves for being too lazy, too weak, or too distracted to make change happen. Lots of people are ambivalent about change. We know what we should do, but knowing isn’t enough to get things done. From building healthy habits, to creating a better work/life balance, to battling depression or anxiety, therapy can help support you.

When I work with clients trying to make changes in their lives, I strive to first understand them; when we work together, I want to understand your life, your history and your dreams and goals. Then we can build a unique plan that will get you moving forward and I’ll support you every step along the way.

Years ago, when I was being trained in Motivational Interviewing, my supervisor once said “I’ve never had a resistant client” and that seemed pretty remarkable to me! 

“You’ve never had someone quit therapy? You’ve never had someone say they wanted to go in one direction and then not follow through?” I asked. 

“Nope,” she cheerfully replied. “My goals are my client’s goals. If they change their minds about what they want to do, I follow their lead.”

I think this nonjudgemental, “client-centered” approach is crucial to building a strong therapeutic relationship and helps you make the changes you want in your life, no matter what those changes might be.