Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s therapy can be helpful when preparing for a big change, dealing with a crisis, or if you want to tackle smaller problems that have been simmering for years. 

 I enjoy working with married and unmarried couples of any background. I’m trained in The Gottman Method of couple’s counseling, which is grounded in over 40 years of research and focuses on concepts and skills that help couples build long-term, healthy relationships. This approach helps couples increase genuine affection, closeness, and trust. It also helps you and your partner communicate more meaningfully, approach conflict differently, and learn how to make up after a fight. Couple’s therapy can be a great place to build upon your history together and strengthen and repair your connection to each other. 

Beginning couples therapy can be daunting, but by working together, we can find ways for you to deepen your understanding of how you engage with others, strengthen your friendship with your partner, increase intimacy and trust, and foster a commitment to your future together.